Foundations 3: The Hypothesis of Atherogenesis (Ep 6)

In this episode, Nick and Nathan go over the endotoxemia hypothesis of atherogenesis and the major knowns and unknowns in heart disease. This episode is also available in video form on the Root Causing Health YouTube.

Foundations 2: The Critical Observations of Atherosclerosis (Ep 5)

In this episode, Nick goes over the key characteristics of atherogenesis and the observations we have to explain. He also discusses the characterization of the disease and the transient behavior of coronary calcium scores (and therefore the difficulty of using them in the short term). Here’s a transcript of the episode.

Dr. Sean O’Mara on optimizing health with MRI images of VAT (Ep 3)

Today we’re discussing Sean’s research on optimizing health. Sean uses MRIs to view people’s internal fat or Visceral Adipose Tissue (VAT). We discuss Sean’s personal journey through health, discovery of MRIs as a viable marker, and experience helping people obtain optimal health.